Frequently Asked Questions

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We have put together a list of frequently asked questions we get asked by agencies and agency owners. 

Hopefully they will answer some of the questions you might have. However, if you have questions of your own and would like more details, get in touch.

Please email us with your own questions, [email protected] or use the chat facility below to contact us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can register and become part of our community. You’ll need to work for, or run, an agency to be accepted, but to answer your question, yes, this is free to join.

Good question, we are still trying to figure that bit out!

This is really exciting, we have Shopify partners here from the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and the US. 

You’ll get the opportunity to connect with others, post jobs, ask for recommendations and much more.

If you register with us, we’ll fire over an invite for you and your team to join us on Slack.

Every 3 months we’ll have video calls with the community. For more information on this head over to our events page.

To book your place on these you’ll need to register first.

These are all apps that we have discovered or the vendor has registered on the site and is looking for some exposure to our community. 

As a member, you’ll be able to review the app, and grab some discount codes and promotions too.


Founders, Co-Founders, Directors, BDMs, Project Managers, Marketing….anyone.

Some of our partners have issued discount codes and promotions that are available to members on the ‘Premium’ subscription plan on ‘Trial’ plan.

Only members under these two plans will be able to see the promotions on offer. 

On their page you, under the main description, you will see the live promotions. If you are not a ‘Premium’ or ‘Trial’ user you will be asked to upgrade your account.

Head over to our registration page and select the plan right for you.

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