Partnership Services

Helping You Raise Brand Awareness

Expanding your agency partnerships can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Here at CodeXtensions, we can help you with this. Let us work together and help you recruit and manage new agency partners.

Let’s utilise the existing relationships you have with agencies to help you develop new partnerships.

Consider us as an extension to your partnerships team

Through marketing initiatives, we are able introduce you to new agency partners. We will help you manage these relationships so you maximise the opportunity.

Stay Ahead of The Competition

We have a strong community and a great network. Our reach is huge, and we have the potential to put your brand in front of thousands of users and these users are your target audience.

Working together, we will formalise a campaign and structure it around the budget you have available, business goals, targets and objectives.

Let us:

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Drive sales through our affiliate partnership scheme
  • Organise events for you to network and promote your brand
  • Introduce you to new merchants
  • Explore new opportunities with agencies in other countries

Let's Look Further

The services that we are able to offer

Q&A Video Sessions

Let’s interview your existing merchants and ageny partners by video and upload these sessions to our website, social media and other digital channels. By utilising these existing partnerships is a great for PR and a wonderful opportunity to tell agencies in our community how great you are!


Boast sales by incentivising our community. Let’s create healthy competition amongst our agencies, let’s have some fun and drive sales and partner ‘sign ups’ for your company. When running a competition, it can help to drive sales from agencies within our community and partner sign-ups. Let’s encourage them to use your product by incentivising them. As the developer, you can set the prize and terms for the agency with the most live installs.

We will run your competition on our website and promote it across social media and other digital platforms we operate.

Affiliate Marketing

We will set up and manage your affiliate marketing campaign driving partner sign-ups and sales. Let’s keep our community hungry and wanting to earn more commission from sales from your app.

Using a specialist platform, we will setup and manage your campaign and monitor it on an ongoing basis. This will allow us to monitor success of the campaign and respond when required.

Display Advertising

Helping you drive additional sales from your existing agency partners by placing ads on their websites. This a powerful way to reach merchants and deliver powerful messages to them.

We are able to monitor:

Ad impressions

Partner Intro Calls

We will organise sessions for you to meet new agency partners so you can expand your agency network. This is a great opportunity for you to meet new agencies and to talk about your product and how a partnership with your company would look.

Sponsor an Event

We will organise, set-up and invite agency partners to your event. An event is an excellent opportunity for you to meet agency partners, show them your product and further enhance your partnership with them. We can organise events such as go-karting, paintballing, lunches and dinners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our monthly fees start from £395.

There isn’t one, you can stop and start whenever you decide. However, we recommend that when you upgrade you give things at least six months to see the benefits of upgrading. This is, of course, our opinion and you are able to cancel whenever you decide.

Our community consists of Shopify agencies of all sizes, small, medium and large. Although we are strong in the United Kingdom, we also have connections in certain countries in Europe too. 

In terms of personnel, we typically connect with Founders, Co Founders and CEOs of agencies. 

If you need help with something in general, please email [email protected].

If your request is regarding your account and billing, then our email address is [email protected].

For support on how to use the website, or something website related, please email [email protected].

You can also contact us using the chat facility below.

We are recruiting new members on a daily basis. For more information about our members and where they come from please get in touch, [email protected].

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